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Fast Track - Arisia’s Con-Within-A-Con for Kids!

Parents: if you can, please fill out this form for your Fast Track kids. That way we will have the form ready for you to sign at the con, and you can be on your way even faster.

For Arisia 2022 only, Fast Track will be for vaccinated children 5-12.  There won't be a Turtle Track, so for Arisia 2022, 5 year old children can participant in Fast Track if accompanied by a designated person.

In addition, Fast Track will be requiring temperature checks the first time your child comes into Fast Track each day, masks at all times, and no food in Fast Track.  Any child displaying Covid or Flu-like symptoms will need to be picked up by their authorized grown-up immediately.  Help us keep everyone safe and healthy!

For more about Fast Track and COVID, please see this page,

Arisia's Kids' program, known as Fast Track, is designed as a con-within-a-con for kids aged 5 - 12. We offer a wide variety of program items, including crafts, costuming, a magic show, science, exercises, discussions, demonstrations, storytelling, and games. Please see the program listing for all Fast Track specific programming. A printout of all Fast Track programming, including a programming grid specific to Fast Track, will be available at the front desk of Fast Track during the con. See the schedule for Fast Track sessions at Arisia 2020.

Fast Track Memberships

Fast Track memberships may be purchased in advance and also at the door, including with day-of memberships. See the Registration page for details on registering Fast Track participants and their adults.

All Fast Track members must be present in person to pick up their badges. Parents will not be given childrens' badges without the children present, nor can children be sent to pick up all the family's badges.

Fast Track Membership Types

Green Ribbon (“Comet”, Free Roaming): 9-12 years old with guardian permission to roam the Con; does not require adult supervision in convention spaces.

Red Ribbon (“Satellite”, Non-Roaming): Children with Fast Track memberships who may be unsupervised in Fast Track but may not leave without being signed out by an approved adult.

Things to Know Before Leaving Young Fans in Fast Track

Fast Track is not child care and cannot provide snacks and meals. Arrangements must be made to feed your children. No food is allowed in the Fast Track area.

You are responsible for picking up your child by the time Fast Track closes. Children with a red ribbon may only be picked up by an adult listed on the release form. Children not picked up within half an hour of Fast Track’s closing will be brought to The Watch (Convention Security) to ensure the safety of the child. Repeatedly not picking up your child on time will result in the revocation of the child’s Fast Track membership (to be replaced with a Kid-in-Tow membership).

Any child who excessively misbehaves or engages in inappropriate, disruptive, or dangerous behavior is subject to having free-roaming privileges or their entire membership revoked.

Fast Track Participation Policy

If you are a..

Your Fast Track access is...

Kid in Tow (KiT)

Only when accompanied by their parent/guardian or another adult or teen whose name has been provided to Fast Track

Child aged five to eight (5-8) with a Fast Track membership

  • Allowed to attend unaccompanied
  • May not leave without an authorized adult.

Child aged nine to twelve (9-12) with a Fast Track membership

  • Allowed to attend unaccompanied
  • Allowed to leave without an adult if guardian consent is given.

Adult wanting to volunteer

Allowed pending approval from Fast Track Area Head and Staff Services.

Adult to participate in an activity with a child

Allowed while accompanying a child.

Adult to participate in an activity without a child

No admittance.

Hours of Operation

Guardians or authorized adults may pick up and drop off their children at Fast Track any time during open hours.

[These hours may be adjusted slightly]

Day Morning   Afternoon






Closed for Lunch

1pm – 5:30pm



Closed for Lunch 1pm – 5:30pm





If you have any questions, please contact

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   Arisia '22 is over. Please visit the new convention site: