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The Erisian 4 (Sun Jan 16 '22)

Last (but not least) Day!

ACOG runs through midnight tonight, and there's still a lot more going on.  We're only doing one issue of The Erisian today, so let's dive right into it...

Fear God, and Dread Her

MRS. HAWKING: Part 1 by Phoebe Roberts and Bernie Gabin is the first episode in a six-part series of stage plays following the adventures of Mary and Mrs. Hawking. Performed and filmed live at the Manchester Community Theater in NH, Mrs. Hawking takes a bold new approach to the classic genre of the Victorian mystery caper!

The year is 1880 in the reign of Queen Victoria. Young Mary Stone has just arrived alone and friendless in London, unsure of what to do with herself after a lifetime of keeping house for her late parents in India. She has no choice but to accept a position as a house girl for Mrs. Victoria Hawking, an aloof, mysterious society widow who seems to want nothing to do with her. But when she discovers Mrs. Hawking’s true business, as a secret champion to the otherwise helpless women of London, Mary is drawn into a world of new heroic purpose battling against devious blackmailers, rescuing kidnapped children, and struggling against the restrictive place their society forces on women.

Attend the virtual premier free, from 5:30 - 7:30pm, on the Mrs. Hawking YouTube channel!

Today's Streams

Don't Starve Together is a multiplayer game about cute cartoony characters surviving a harsh cartoony world. By murdering bunnies for food. Streaming today at noon, on and

LinuxLovah is a highly technical small streamer who combines all sorts of technologies to stand out and make streaming easier. He will talk about getting started streaming, the tools that can make it easier, the ups and downs of streaming, and answer any questions. If you're thinking of streaming but not sure it would work out, or you're already streaming but looking to improve your stream, join him at 3:00PM EST and bring your questions!

Tim Luz brings us this:

Since one of our favorite events at Arisia has always been Trailer Park, we've created our own version of it on YouTube that everyone can enjoy at home with over two hours of old and new sci-fi, horror, and fantasy film trailers.

Trailer Park is available here, to watch when you have some free time, or in between the other activities of the day.

Art Show

Today has more opportunities to meet and talk with the artists of Arisia!  This morning, there is a chat with Erika Morton.  And at 4pm today, we're planning on talking with Jeliza, Brenna Deutchman of Whimsical Whiskers, Lori Del Genis, and Anne Nydam (tentative).


From 6 - 7pm this evening, there will be a "Run" Tournament:

Run. Do not slow down. Do not fall off. Do not give up. Join us for this thrilling fast-paced game. The player who gets to the farthest area after 3 deaths wins. We’ll play at adventure mode normal. Click here to sign up

There will also be more Jackbox Games from 7-9pm: the Zoom can be found here, and the actual game will be at

And there will be another round of Among Us from 2-3pm; Zoom chat will be here; remember that you will need your own copy of the game.

More Dancing!

Tonight at 9pm, DJDirge will be spinning RETRO, an 80s and 90s themed dance.  Come over to to finish the last day of ACOG with energy!

Arisia Corporate Meeting

Have you ever wondered how Arisia actually works?  Arisia Inc is the organization behind the Con, responsible for year-to-year continuity, setting the overall rules, and making sure this remains the convention we know and love.  It's open to anyone who wants to join, and most high-level decisions get made as votes of the membership.

This month's Corporate Meeting will be held from 1-3:30pm on Zoom; the link will be posted on the Arisia Corporate calendar shortly before the meeting.

Arisia Year-Round (Unofficial) Discord Server!

Did you know that the Arisia '22 server is going to be deleted after the event? Never fear! A local Arisian has set up a separate Arisia Year-Round (Unofficial) Discord server! You can chat, play games, plan virtual events, and more, with your fellow Arisians! Over 275 people have already joined, so head over there to keep the fun going, year-round! Join here:

Thanks From the Chair

There are a whole bunch of people without whom this event would not have been possible.

The A22 Chair Team: Vivian Abraham, Jodie Lawhorn, Cate Schneiderman, and Lisa Hertel; the A22 gaming staff: Dee Brumberger, Kevin Lin, Jason Schneiderman, Debbie Terman, Dennis Duquette, and Leet; the A22 remote team: Lisa “Opus” Goldstein, Justin du Coeur, Anna Bradley, Hobbit, Leet, and Debbie Terman. A special shout out to Mieke and Beth K for spearheading our member-facing documentation!

The ACOG22 Event Staff - moderators Mike S, Cyd, Atari, etana, ShirleyDulcey, Raven; helpdesk staff Mieke, Opus, E.J., BethKevles, Justin du Coeur, madras, Atari, SEAWAVE, LinuxLovah; the events pop-up team of Viv, Lenore, Justin du Coeur, BenL, and Marbles; and all the various people who took various other roles during the weekend in their departments, like running last minute games, or spinning up external event servers with voice and video channels to do fun activities, including hobbit setting up an entire music server from scratch!

Special mention to my #adventurebot buddies all weekend, who have kept me amused and provided nice stress-free breaks.

And last but certainly not least, my sincere and bottomless thanks to my admin team of Anna, Leet, and Hobbit; and my family who helped and supported me this whole weekend: Mom, MJ, D, and A. 

Thanks for coming this weekend! I hope we can all get together in person next year.

Gail/RGB (she/her)
ACOG22 Event Chairperson

Arisia 2023

Arisia 2022 may have been foiled by Omicron, but we're already starting to gear up for 2023 -- please join us in keeping fingers crossed that things will go more smoothly next year.

Programming is always looking for ideas, and for a great, diverse selection of panelists! If you have thoughts on panels or other Programming for next year, please head over to the Brainstorming page and put them in.  Later in the year, we'll collect all of these ideas and feed them into the design of next year's program.  And if you'd be interested in being a panelist yourself, please go to the Prospective Panelist form and put yourself in -- you don't have to have prior experience with these things, and we're always looking for a good variety of viewpoints.

Registration for 2023 will be opening this afternoon!  Go to the Registration page for your A'23 membership today, and get the "at-con" rate of $50.  (If you were a paid member of A'22, that will automatically be rolled over to A'23, but you'll still need to register.)

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   Arisia '22 is over. Please visit the new convention site: