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The Erisian 1 (Friday Jan 14, '22)

Welcome to ACOG (the Arisia Community Online Gathering)!

When the A22 Chair Team made the incredibly difficult decision to cancel the in-person Arisia 2022, inevitably, our minds turned to the question of if we were going to do something else instead. I had already planned (as the sole member of the A22 Remote Team) to do a ride-along Discord, so people at the physical convention could have a way to connect on the internet. We were also going to open it up to folks who weren’t physically present, for free, but we definitely weren’t going to try the “hybrid” model; we had decided early on there just wasn’t enough staff to run 2 concurrent conventions. After experiencing some attempts at hybrid in the intervening months, I agree; it’s just not a great experience without the staff.

So there we were; we had a week and a half until open, and a Discord server that had been pondered for about 5 whole hours over the last year, and (as of 3 days before) 3 remote team members.

What has emerged in the last week has been remarkable. A rapidly growing team of volunteers has turned a half-baked idea into a fully fledged Discord server event on a very tight timetable. We have several different types of activities going on, and even a schedule, which we’re adding to as we go. One of the remote team members likened this to building a plane as we fly it. I think this is more like weaving a magic carpet as we fly it; I never truly expected it would get off the ground in the first place, and the fact that it is flying has surpassed my expectations.

Enjoy the magic carpet ride!

ACOG22 Event Chair
A22 Chair Team, Gaming Team, Remote Team

Getting Started at ACOG

If your first contact with ACOG is here at The Erisian, please start out by going to the main homepage. That has instructions on how to get into the Discord server (which is where most of ACOG is happening), so that is the first step for joining in. ACOG is free to join -- you just have to agree to abide by the Arisia Code of Conduct in order to participate.

(If you are new to Discord, you may want to check out the Discord 101 page first -- there are guides and videos there, showing how to use it.)

You can find more information about getting around ACOG in the ACOG Member FAQ. This includes information about using Discord, Safety at ACOG, pointers to more things going on, and more. Check it out!


Minecraft comes to Arisia! Survive the soaring terrain of the new Caves and Cliffs update or build in creative mode!  Download/update the game before arrival, so we can use our network bandwidth for maximum playtime. Supported Minecraft versions: Java 1.18.1, Bedrock for Windows/Android/iOS 1.18.2 (and maybe Bedrock for Nintendo Switch 1.18.2?). Open to onsite and remote participants of all ages and skills.

Minecraft is a game for all ages that has been likened to a virtual version of LEGO. Within Minecraft, the player can play alone in a survival-game experience, build creatively, or play with friends.

For hours of operation and the link to the Minecraft server, see the main ACOG page.

What's Happening Today

ACOG is mainly focused on our Discord server, but the Arisia Community are running lots of activities over the course of the weekend. (All of these events are sponsored by individuals who have kindly invited Arisians to attend. They are not hosted by Arisia and Arisia is not responsible for their content.) Some highlights for tonight:

Broad Universe

Join Broad Universe this evening for a Not-Arisia-Rapid-Fire-Reading! For those new to Rapid Fire Readings, each author will have about 8 minutes to read a selection. Don't miss the chance to discover your next favorite author!

Registration is required! Once you register, we'll send you the link to the Zoom room. (Don't forget to check your spam folder.)

The room will open at 6:55pm ET Friday, Jan. 14 and a short Q&A will follow.

Your host is: Randee Dawn (organizer)
Authors: LJ Cohen, Randee Dawn, Marianna Martin, Anne Nydam, Dianna Sanchez, Kathy Sullivan, and Jo Weston.

Jackbox Games

From 7-9pm ET, folks will be getting together for some light Jackbox gaming. Jackbox Games are a hilarious variety of party games relying on players’ wit, quick thinking, and sometimes rough drawing skills. Up to 8 players are directly involved in coming up with clever responses to game prompts, which they (and audience members) vote on to crown the game champion. You’ve never laughed so hard!

You'll need an internet-enabled device. Go to to play along, and meet at this Zoom to talk.

Among Us

At 9pm, there will be a game of Among Us, a party game of teamwork and betrayal for 4-15 players. Crewmates work together to complete tasks before one or more Impostors can kill everyone aboard.

You’ll need your own copy of the game (free on some devices, up to $5 on others).  Zoom link here.

More to come tomorrow

See The ACOG Outside Events Page for more. Would you like to run something this weekend? Go to the #external-activities-board channel (under "Social Spaces") and tell folks about it! (Please see the pinned messages there for rules and guidelines.)


Are you at Arisia in spirit this weekend? The Discord channel #at-the-westin (under "Social Spaces") is an emergent not-exactly-LARP where folks can talk about what they are currently doing in the parallel Omicron-free timeline. Come narrate your own in-person reality!

Lots More to Come

We'll be back tomorrow, as the gathering gets into full swing. There will be live chats with artists, all sorts of gaming, and lots more activities still filling in.

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   Arisia '22 is over. Please visit the new convention site: