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Many changes have happened to parking near the hotel. This page will be updated closer to the convention.

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Prices last updated: 2020-Jan-03

Hotel Parking - Nearby Lots - Parking Meters - Airport Parking - Oversize Parking

Please consider carpooling or taking public transit. The hotel is not far from the World Trade Center station on the Silver Line or a 3/4 mile walk from South Station (Amtrak, Commuter Rail, and Red Line).

Or take advantage of the weather and bicycle to the Westin. There is covered bicycle parking next door at the BCEC.

Commuter Parking

There are parking garages on the Red Line at Alewife (MBTA station garage, $9 per day (first 14 hours) M-F or $3 S-S, plus and additional $6 overnight ($15 per 24 hours) and near Park Street Station (Boston Common Garage), $18 per weekend day (including holidays), if you arrive after 4pm on Friday and leave before Tuesday). Wellington Station (Orange Line) has a parking garage on the far side of the tracks ($6 first day plus $7 for each additional day (2am), floors 5 & 6 for MBTA riders). For a complete list of overnight parking at MBTA stations, see the MBTA's Parking page.

There are overnight parking lots in Braintree, Framingham, Woburn, and Peabody, which are available for people that take the Logan Express bus to the airport (round trip bus ticket is $22, parking is $7 per day). Also, parking at Logan Airport ranges from $26-$35 per day. From the airport, it's a short hop on the Silver Line to the hotel.

Hotel Parking

Car parking in the garage under the Westin Boston Waterfront is $54 for valet parking per day; self-parking is $44 per day. With just 400 parking spaces in the garage, it usually sells out. Eight spaces are reserved for handicap parking and three are reserved for hybrid parking.  The Westin has 2 electric car charging stations (complimentary).

Valet parking includes unlimited in-and-out privileges - they'll hold a space for you, if you tell them you're coming back. Self-parking also includes in-and-out privileges, as long as the garage is not full. If the garage is full, you might be able to return at the Valet rate.

Rates are subject to change. The garage is not operated by the hotel, so we are unable to make any adjustments in the parking rates.

Max height for the garage is 6' 8", but the parking spaces and aisles in the garage are tight. We do not recommend parking large trucks or SUVs in the garage.

The Westin no longer has on-site bicycle racks; however, there are covered racks right next door at the BCEC.

There is a nearby public parking lot, on D St, at the Aloft hotel that charges $25 per day. You may be able to reserve your parking space in advance online.

Parking Meters

There are parking meters in the area. Most meters are 8am-8pm; a few are 8am-6pm. All metered spaces are free on Sundays and holidays, including Martin Luther King Jr. Day (Arisia Monday). For vehicles showing handicapped placards or plates, meters are free and time limits are waived. For a rough idea of where the meters are, take a look at the Parkopedia site (click on the "street" button at the bottom of the page).. If there is a snow emergency, you may not be able to park your car on the streets and will be required to leave the hotel to move it.

Since January 2017, the city of Boston has been experimenting with dynamic parking rates based upon demand in the Seaport district (The Westin is in the Seaport district). The base rate will be $1.50 and could go up to as much as $4 per hour.

The city of Boston has an app called "ParkBoston" for Android and iOS that allows you to use your smartphone and a credit card to pay for parking at meters in most parts of Boston (and allows you to extend your stay). If you wish to use the app, you might want to download it and configure it while you're at home. You can also call (617) 635-2729 to pay by phone or browse to

Nearby Lots

New buildings are constantly being added to the Seaport district. As this happens, we lose parts of existing parking lots and parking spaces (and in some places gain new parking garages). When construction starts on the new (former GE headquarters) building it'll use part, but not all, of the Channelside lot. The parking spaces in the nearby VPNE lots are slowly being eaten up as development on Seaport Square progresses. Please keep an eye on this page for updates to the parking situation.


There are many more parking lots than those showed on the map above.

  • "Best Parking" App and Parkopedia (used to verify these rates) - will find available parking options and rates based on your arrival and departure information. The Westin hotel is in the "Seaport District". Note: Some garages and lots might have "event" parking rates during Arisia because of the Auto Show at the BCEC (this also means there will be competition for parking spaces). 
  • If you know when you're going to arrive and depart, those apps can be used to reserve in advance a parking spot at the local lots and garages (including the Westin's). (If the app says you can't reserve online, try going directly to the garage's website.)
  • When they say a rate is "24-hours", they frequently mean from 5am-5am (or 3am-3am), so if you arrive at 4pm on Friday and leave by 4pm on Monday, you might be charged for four days.
  • Some of these lots might be full during business hours on Friday, but should have plenty of room on the weekend. So you might need to park in a nearby garage, and then move your car in the evening.
  • Some of the garages and lots will charge Monday parking at the Sunday/Holiday rate.

Across the street from the Westin, is the new South Boston Waterfront Transportation Center (SBWTC) garage with 1,500 parking spaces.  The max height is 8'.  The weekday price is $38/day, Sat/Sun (5am-5am) is $16.  To get to the garage, after dropping off your bags, exit the Westin and drive straight through the traffic light onto World Trade Center Avenue.  The garage entrance will be on your right, hiding behind the construction site.

You can park your car for the weekend at VPNE's 390 Congress St. Lot (green on the map above) for $24 weekdays (5am to 5am), $15 weekends. The entrances for the lot are on E. Service Rd and at Boston Wharf Rd. You pay when you exit. Due to construction, the lot is a third smaller and has only 700 parking spaces.  Electric car charging.

MassPort's lots are marked in pink on the map above; directions are below. Their hourly parking is $18 for less than 2 hours and $30 for less than 4 hours. The 5+ hour rate is $38. Closes at 3am M-F, open 24-hours Saturday and Sunday. These lots are credit card only and you must use the same card to enter and exit. No overnight parking during snow emergencies: cars will be towed.

About 1/2 mile from the hotel is the Channelside Parking Lot on Bineford St., (light blue on the map above) with 2020 rates as noted below. This is probably the cheapest place to park in the area.

Fri 4pm through Sat 5am $8
Sat 5am through Sun 5am $5
Sun 5am through Mon 5am $5
Mon 5am through Tue 5am $23

They only accept credit cards. This is likely the cheapest parking close to the hotel especially for overnight parking. The Channelside lot is usually full during business hours, so if you get to the lot early, you may have to park someplace else and move your car in the evening.

Self-parking at the BCEC is $20 ($40 for oversized vehicles) during events. The car show ends at 9pm Friday and Saturday, at 7pm on Sunday, and they do not allow overnight parking. They allow parking for a couple hours after events, so ask when you'll need to leave when you park. Directions are below (in yellow on the map above).

The South Boston Waterfront Transportation Center across from the Westin opened in 2018 (pale blue on the map above). It has parking for 1,500 cars and charges $38 per day.

VPNE Parking Lot Directions

To get to the VPNE parking lot at 390 Congress St. Lot, marked in green on the map above, from the hotel, turn right onto Summer St, and turn left onto D Street. After the bridge (third traffic light) turn left onto Congress St, go about three blocks and turn bear right onto E. Service Rd. The entrance to the parking lot will be on your left.

To walk back to the hotel, follow Congress St to the World Trade Center Silver Line Station and take the stairs up to the bridge level (you might also be able to take an elevator inside the station). Cross over the bridge to the hotel.

MassPort Parking Lots Directions

To get to the closest MassPort parking lot (marked in pink on the map above), from the hotel, turn right onto Summer St, and turn left onto D Street. After the bridge (second traffic light), turn right onto Congress St, and then turn right again (just before the parking lot) and then turn left into the parking lot.

If the first MassPort lot is full, continue along Congress Street as it bears left, and then ends at Northern Ave. Turn right onto Northern Ave, and then right at the round-about onto Haul Rd. As you turn, the parking lot will be on your right, and the entrance is on Haul Rd.

For both of these parking lots, you'll need to use the same credit card to enter and leave the lot with your car.

Channelside Lot Directions

To get to the Channelside parking lot on Bineford St (marked in blue on the map above) from the hotel, turn right onto Summer St, and turn left onto D Street. After the bridge (third traffic light), turn left onto Congress St, go to the 4th traffic light and turn right onto A Street, go under Summer St overpass and take the second right onto Bineford St. Go forward a short block and the entrance to the parking lot will be on your your right.
[Note: Boston streets are weird. Summer and A street cross, but not at the same level. On foot, there are stairs that go from A street to Summer St. So the distance traveled by foot is shorter than the distance you'll have to drive.]

Airport Parking

Parking at the Logan airport garages are $35 per day. The Economy Lot is $26 per day.

From the airport, you can take the Silver Line back to the hotel.

To get to the airport garages, take the Mass Pike (I-90) east to the airport and then follow the signs to parking.

Oversize Vehicle Parking

If you have a vehicle that won't fit in the parking garage, you can park overnight at one of VPNE's parking lots. If your vehicle is too tall, you can park at the 390 Congress St. Lot. You can also park oversize vehicles in the BCEC lot during the day. For overnight, parking you can park oversize vehicles at the Channelside lot (if you have a large vehicle, you might need to pay for two parking spaces), if there is room (they're usually full during business hours).

To get to the VPNE parking lot from the loading docks, turn left from Fargo Street onto D Street. After the bridge (third traffic light), turn left onto Congress St, go about three blocks and turn right onto E. Service Rd. The entrance to the parking lot will be on your left. If you need to get to the oversize lot, continue down E. Service Rd, turn left at Seaport Blvd, and then left again onto Congress St., the entrance to the lot will be on your right. There's a median strip down the middle of Congress St, so you can't turn left into the oversize lot.

You can also park at the Channelside lot above; cars plus trailers are charged double.

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